The Criminal Proceedings after a DWI in Texas

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DWI court processIf you have been arrested or charged with a DWI in Texas, you will face a criminal proceeding to determine penalties, as well as a civil proceeding regarding the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. This page outlines the criminal process so that you have an understanding of what to expect moving forward.

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The Texas DWI Criminal Process

After an arrest for a DWI in Texas, your first court appearance will be for your arraignment. You may receive notice of the arraignment by mail, or it can be given to you at the time of your arrest. At the arraignment, you will have the opportunity to hear the charges against you and to tell the court how you plead. If you plead not guilty, the court will set another date for your trial. If you enter a plea of guilty, the court will most likely sentence you immediately.

The court will probably schedule periodic progress meetings before your trial is scheduled to make certain that your case is moving forward. You or your attorney can address issues related to evidence or scheduling conflicts at these meetings. You can also seek a plea bargain before trial.

If your case goes to trial, you can choose to have a jury trial or a bench trial (where the judge handles everything and there is no jury). The prosecutor has the burden of proof at your trial and must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you violated the law. Your attorney will have the opportunity to cross-examine any prosecution witnesses and to introduce testimony or evidence supporting your acquittal.

Once a verdict is reached, the court will impose a sentence. You can then appeal, if found guilty.

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