How to Read the Visa Bulletin

The visa bulletin has changed recently to allow people filing for immigrant visas to file ahead of their priority date becoming current. The visa bulletin is now set up with two tables: Table A and Table B. Table A is the bulletin we would always see. Table A dates indicate whether the priority date on your petition is current or not depending on which category you would fit into or not. If your petition is current under this table you can file for your immigrant visa abroad or your adjustment of status (residency) here. A new Table B now allows applicants who are seeking an immigrant visa abroad to now file their applications early. This table sets priority dates on who can file their applications. But note that just because you are able to file your immigrant visa early does not mean you will get your immigrant visa early. Ultimately, you will still have to wait until your priority date becomes current under Table A to get an interview with immigration and be eligible for your immigrant visa. Table A only applies for adjustment of status applications here.

I am sure that this new system will cause a lot of confusion for families. It is always best to contact an immigration attorney.

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