That Was Easy

Estate PlanningDon’t you hate the unknown? The brutal reality is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You take on a project or try to fill out a form and start to second-guess yourself by the third step. The directions appear to have been written in an unknown language by someone unfamiliar with the task. It is easy to feel that way during a major life change. You get tons of unsolicited advice from well-intentioned people practicing a profession for which they have no training, and then you search the internet for more information to guide your decision-making. The result is that you are increasingly confused and often times overwhelmed.

In our estate planning, and especially in our probate practice, we work with people who find themselves frustrated by their circumstances and overwhelmed. As a matter of fact, the realization that they are out of their depth is often what prompts their call. We can ask questions and provide answers that clarify your options. We will not only respond to your inquiry, but we also won’t hurt you with speculation (unlike what your friends, relatives and co-workers may do).

One of the great rewards of this job is to hear a client say at the end of a consultation or hearing: “That was easy!” With appropriate planning and wise counsel, you can turn anxiety and frustration into confident action. We would love to help!