Avoiding a DUI/DWI Charge This Holiday Season

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Tips for Minimizing the Risk of a Drunk Driving Arrest Over the Holidays

It’s the holidays—time to celebrate—and that often means a cocktail or two with friends and family. That’s all part of the season—unless you decide to get behind the wheel after having a few. Statistics consistently show that Christmas and New Year’s see more DUI/DWI arrests than any other period of the year, and with good reason—it’s also when the most alcohol-related fatal car crashes occur. It’s also the time when drunk driving arrests and alcohol-fueled accidents are not limited almost exclusively to individuals with some kind of drinking problem.

A Drunk Driving Charge — Not What You Want for Christmas This Year

It may seem like the simplest solution is to abstain from alcohol unless you’re at home and staying there. That may be easier said than done, though, as 22% of people responding to a survey from Scramsystems.com admitted that they had been pressured to drink by colleagues at an office holiday party, and approximately half of all Americans said alcohol was a part of their holiday celebrations. Here are some other tips for reducing the likelihood that you’ll be pulled over and arrested for driving while impaired.

  • Let someone else drive—Whether it’s a friend or family member who functions as a designated driver, a taxi, Uber or Lyft, or some form of public transit, this will allow you to go to the party, have as many drinks as you want, and not worry about a potential DUI.
  • Have your party somewhere where you can spend the night—This can be at the home of a friend or family member or at a hotel. Don’t worry about the accommodations—it’s better in the long run to be uncomfortable on your friend’s couch than in a jail cell for a DWI charge.
  • Give yourself a limit and stay within it—You may decide in advance that you’ll have two beers or one mixed drink. Pace yourself so that you haven’t hit your limit a few minutes after you arrive. The longer you take to drink two beers or one mixed drink, the less impact it will have on your blood alcohol content. One of the best ways to limit your intake of alcohol is to alternate an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one, starting with a non-alcoholic libation.
  • Make certain you eat plenty—Drinking on an empty stomach is always a bad idea. Don’t try to lose weight and drink during the holidays.
  • Stop drinking alcohol at least 90 minutes before you get in your car—If you have to drive and want to have an alcoholic beverage, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for any effects of alcohol to wear off.
  • Make certain your vehicle is in fully working order—Don’t give police officers a reason to pull you over. If you have a headlight or a turn signal that’s not working, you can be stopped and police can ask if you have been drinking. It can all go downhill from there.
  • Obey all traffic signals and laws—Again, this will minimize the likelihood that you’ll be pulled over.

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