I’ve Fallen, but I CAN Get Up: Why You Should Immediately Report All Work Injuries

warehouse workerSo you think you may have hurt yourself at work…well, you know you did. You might have the following thoughts: “It’s not that bad. Work through it and see if it gets worse. The weekend is here, so I’ll rest and see how I feel on Monday. I’m seeing my doctor next week, so I’ll just check on it then.” Stop! Report your work injury, no matter how minor you think it is, even if just “for the record.” If you get better on your own, great! I have seen many instances, though, where an injury starts out as minor but never gets better. A problem occurs when you report your work injuries later.

Report Your Work Injuries Immediately!

Your date of injury is very important, since you only have 30 days to report a work-related injury. Failure to report work injuries immediately, and seeking treatment on your own, makes the situation more suspect and gives the insurance carrier more reason to dispute your workers’ comp claim. It is more difficult for an attorney to assist you when an insurance company raises the defense that you failed to give notice of your injury within 30 days. In cases like that, the judge may not believe the injured worker, especially where the employer has multiple witnesses and the worker has none. Granted, we have won a lot of such cases, but don’t make the situation any harder than it needs to be. Focus on getting treatment for your injury and getting back to work. You might be trying to do right by the company and work through your injury on your own, only to find you’re unable to, and that the delay results in denial of your claim.

Don’t Fight Work Injuries Alone

If you have any doubts or concerns, reach out to the Workers’ Compensation department at Bailey & Galyen. We can answer your questions anonymously and give you information on the workers’ comp claim process. Never downplay your injury as ‘no big deal.’ At a minimum, make a record of the incident, even if no injury results from it.