Grandparents’ Rights


I’m Keith Spencer. A Board Certified family law attorney with Bailey & Galyen.

Grandparents are frequently the most stabilizing forces in a child’s life. This is especially true when the biological parents are unable to meet the needs of the child, due to addiction or incarceration. However, it can be very challenging for Grandparents to obtain court-ordered custody, or even visitation rights with their grandchildren.

Texas law provides a legal preference for biological parents to raise their children, unless the court receives proof that they’re a danger to the child’s heath and emotional welfare. Grandparents facing such an issue should consult with an experienced Family Law Attorney, to evaluate and prosecute their case. Failure to meet the necessary burden of proof, leaves the court little choice but to dismiss the Grandparents’ case before it even gets started.

Grandparents’ Rights are very restricted. It’s imperative that Grandparents retain counsel with knowledge and experience in Grandparents’ Rights cases.

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