SS Disability for Seizures

There are a few medical conditions and even some psychosomatic conditions which cause an individual to experience seizure activity. There are between six and forty distinct types of seizures depending on where you look. SSA divides them into just 2 categories, convulsive epilepsy, and non-convulsive epilepsy.

To be found disabled due to seizure activity, you need to have a diagnosis as to the type(s) you experience, the frequency which you experience them, and the fact that this occurs even though you are taking your anticonvulsants as prescribed by your doctor.

For non-convulsive seizure activity, you need to be experiencing an average of 1 or more events per week, for at least 3 months in a row, even while taking your medication. For convulsive seizure activity, the requirement is at least 1 a month for at least 3 months in a row while you are taking medication. The frequency is less often because these seizures generally involve more severe symptoms both during and after the event.

Like most conditions, if you aren’t taking the medication and it may prevent your seizures, SSA will not find you disabled. Testing such as an EEG, MRI, CT scan or other neuropsychological tests which show evidence of your seizures makes proving your disability so much easier as well. However, these tests do not always prove the existence of seizure activity. If this is the case, documenting the frequency and severity is vital, as is providing this information to your medical provider. With today’s technology, there are sites you can track this info on as well as apps you can download to your phone. Keep good records! www.diary.epilepsy.com is a good place to track seizure activity because it tracks triggers, duration, type and after-effects pretty thoroughly. Again, don’t forget to provide updates to your doctors so they are including this information in the medical evidence they submit to SSA on your behalf.

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