Obama Executive Order

I am continuing to monitor the new Obama Executive order. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 236-191 to approve legislation that approved funding for the Department of Homeland Security until the end of the budget year. However, they also voted 237-190 to an amendment to undo Obama’s Executive order in November, which granted employment authorization and deportation relief. Moreover, the House of Representatives also voted 218-209 to cancel Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action. Republicans do not believe the President’s actions are constitutionally legal. Since an amendment was also passed to cancel the 2012 Deferred Action, most people do not believe it will pass in the Senate. The White House has threatened a veto if it passes. It will probably have a hard time passing the Senate especially with the amendment to the 2012 Deferred Action. There is a deadline of February 27th to pass a budget for the Department of Homeland Security. The fear is the security of the country given the Paris attacks if they shut down the Department of Homeland Security. The Republicans are 6 votes shy of passing most legislation in the Senate. The Senate should look at this bill in the next few weeks. It is expected they will take out the amendments which will most certainly cause a fight with the Republicans in the House of Representatives. I will be monitoring this closely and will be adding updates.